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MDB - Your Broken ShoreBriti doomi-legend MY DYING BRIDE (FB) sai maha videoga loole Your Broken Shore mis täna avaldati. Lugu kuulub peatselt ilmuva albumi The Ghost Of Orion kooslusse. Album ise peaks sünnipäeva pidama 6. märtsil.

Laulja ja liidri Aaroni oma kommentaar loo kohta FB postitusest: "The first song from MY DYING BRIDE for five years comes laced with passion, power and their unyielding desire to create the most thoughtful and heavy music possible. ‘Your Broken Shore’ is recognisably theirs despite an evolution spanning 30 years, it’s new and fresh but with unmistakable provenance and production surpassing anything they have previously released. This track represents just a taster of things to come as the new LP “The Ghost of Orion” is upon the horizon containing seven further compositions of deliciously crushing gothic doom/death metal."

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